Monday, February 3, 2014

Eman's Book Review: Getting Started with Laravel 4

I've read another laravel book courtesy of Packt Publishing called Getting Started with Laravel 4

Unlike the last book, this one is geared towards the newbies of Laravel, and the book does a great job of explaining the basics to using Laravel 4.

I really like how the author added an appendix to the book outlining various smaller things that just didn't fit in the other chapters.

I also enjoyed the final chapter that added onto the basics by giving the reader some awesome enhancements that the Laravel documentation may not have gone into much depth on.

I will consider myself a Laravel beginner, even though I have off and on looked at laravel since version 3, I have just started actually applying code to an actual project and I can say the books I've read on the matter has helped greatly.

With this book and much other things I read, I have one wish and that wish would be to really dissect the blade template engine.

The Blade template engine is super cool and very advanced, and while you can find chucks of what you need to know, it would be very beneficial to the laravel community if someone wrote a whole article on blade and what super awesome powers you can unleash with it as I feel most articles are only scratching at the surface and I know I at least want to know more.

This book is great if your new to laravel and just didn't get enough info from the official documentation. This book gets 5/5 from me.

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